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Saturday, August 23, 2014


Like everyone else who has a garden, my zucchini is overwhelming the garden!  I love this time of year.  I tried something new tonight, grilled zucchini added to our paninis.

Young child who shall remain nameless says (que the tune "Nobody knows the suffering I've seen, nobody knows my sorrow") MOOO-ooooOOOM! There's vegetables in here!!!!

Sourdough is on the left, and an italian brioche is on the cutting board. Yellow and green zucchini from my garden, ham, turkey and the cheeses are either smoked cheddar, swiss or asiago or have all 3! Who wants to come for dinner tomorrow night?

One of my BFFs used zucchini instead of apples in a pie tonight.  What a great idea Cindy!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Just sayin'...

Monday, March 24, 2014

Sticky floors = Happy kids

My son's 13th birthday party is finished. The carpet has been cleaned of the spilled pop and ice cream. Popcorn under every piece of furniture is going to stay there a little longer because I'm going to bed!

Can I trade a teenager with anyone? Low mileage. Takes showers if faced with no Xbox time (hasn't discovered girls). Great computer skills! Loves video games. Prays for his mom! Prays for his mom... well, maybe I'll keep him around another year or two? 

1st birthday

10th birthday - selfie video

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The edge was here today

Today has been an emotionally trying day. I haven't felt much like eating, but I did get my exercise in today. I am trying to remember what I posted yesterday on my blog... maybe that's why the Lord sent that thought yesterday, to prepare me for today? 

My son has mental and emotional disabilities. He's 12, very intelligent but his behavior problems get in the way of school work. It took him 278 days to complete 4th grade. He got all A's and B's! He has Tourette's, Aspergers/Autism, OCD, ODD, ADHD, Narcolepsy, and is most likely bipolar. His father has the same disabilities except for the Tourette's and Narcolepsy. My daughter has the same disabilities except for the Tourette's and Narcolepsy. 

So I live with drama, basically. I'm a laid back person, it takes a lot to get me mad and even when I'm angry it takes a lot to push me over the edge. Today was the edge. I haven't gone over it...yet. Stress leaked out, several times today, those salty wet things that slide down your cheeks, you know that kind of stress I'm sure. 

I've been through some pretty bad trials in my lifetime and after the last extreme stress (2005-06) I learned the Lord DOES rescue me from evil. But it sure would be nice if it were on my timeline instead of his, you know? (grin) 

So here's to remembering "God is for me, so who can be against me?" "Press on and have hope, because God IS faithful" "His mercies are new every morning, GREAT is His faithfulness". 

Whether your problem is discouragement, illness or aging, sometimes all you have left is Jesus. 
When you're angry and bitter, you can still cling to Jesus in the midst of your tears. You can grab onto him and refuse to let go until he brings you through it. You'll find, to your surprise, that he holds on to you even tighter than you hold on to him. 

Jesus understands sorrow. He knows about being hurt. He remembers the terrible moment on the cross when his Father was forced to abandon him, because he was filthy from taking on our sins. Jesus won't let me go. 

Thank you Father. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

It's not easy being green...

My son and I are doing yardwork today.  Today's task is cutting up all the tree limbs I trimmed from a few trees so the city can haul them away Tuesday.  We found this on one of the branches I cut down.

When it morphs, it will become:

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dr. Doolittle lives here

As most of you know, we found a puppy running loose on Christmas Day and decided to keep her.  Our cat, Puff, wasn't thrilled about the idea but she's beginning to warm to the idea slightly.  Puff speaks cat and Macy speaks dog while an 11 y.o. "translates".    Never a dull moment at my house.  

Macy wants to play 'chase me', while Puff thinks Macy is on the Puff scratched both of Macy's eyes tonight.

Emergency vet bill: $154
Puppy anitbiotic, puppy tylenol and eye ointment: $125
Cone around her head (I.e.: can't chew shoes, toilet paper, etc.): PRICELESS

Can we keep the cone on until she's through puppyhood?

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Christmas and treasures

Several of you may recall we found a dog running loose on Christmas day.  After going the usual routes to find the owner, and finding no one, we decided to keep her.  My son named her Macy.  She's an adorable little thing, but within a few days it became apparent that she is not a Christmas dog.  9 rolls of shredded toilet paper later, plus numerous treasures from the garbage can tucked neatly under the dining room table... it appears we do not have a dog on our hands.

I was taking photos this morning for a column I wrote for our local newspaper.  The editor had a moment of temporary insanity and asked me to write a few columns for him.  In this one, I included a link for a recipe of mine called Chow Chow.  Southerners know what Chow Chow is, if you're a Northerner, click on "Gardens" at the top of this page and you'll see the recipe, as well as the column.

While taking photos for the article, I noticed the snowman I was using in the display.  The poor thing had been removed of his arms.  Unbelievably, there they were on the floor, lying in broken pieces, covered in dog slobber.  A friend of mine inspected her teeth, low and behold, several were still un-erupted... so we have a Christmas Puppy on our hands.

I think we'll keep her around another year or two, and see how it goes.  Something I've also said to my children since they were born, and I ended up keeping them... but we'll see...

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I'm a mother. 20 years later.

My mind couldn't wrap itself around the thought back then, when a few people said tyranny had come to America.  I remember being unable to contemplate the thought that my government would ever begin to treat it's citizens the way Russia or China or South Vietnam treated their citizens.  This was unthinkable.  I clearly remember putting the thought of an unarmed mother holding her baby out of mind, and I went about my life.

I'm a mother.  20 years later.  And I think back on the murder of an unarmed woman holding her baby.

Her last photo
An unarmed woman holding her baby was labeled a threat by my Justice Dept at Ruby Ridge.   20 years later, my Justice Department is making an attempt to legally label someone else a threat... without due process... to legally murder anyone they label a threat.

NBC: Justice Department memo reveals legal case for drone strikes on Americans

Randy Weaver and his family were just another set of "troublemakers" who wanted to be left alone.  While I, and most of Americans like me, paid no attention to the atrocity, a substantial minority on both sides of the political spectrum did pay attention.  They were outraged and wouldn't forget. And dear Lord, forgive me, I want to forget.  I don't want to remember.  I remember seeing the funerals on the news.  Yes, I prayed for the baby who would never know his mother.  I remember.

The actions at Ruby Ridge were studied long ago.  And, damning as the Justice Department investigation was, officials are believed to have destroyed evidence to keep it away from investigators. The Justice Department completed a 542-page investigation on the case in 1995.  Then hid the report from the public.  However, the report was acquired by Legal Times newspaper, which placed the report on the internet.  The report revealed that federal officials may have acted worse than even some of their harshest critics imagined.

Federal officials claimed a violent confrontation between the Weavers and the government began when the Weavers ambushed federal marshals, but the report tells a very different story. A team of six U.S. marshals, split into two groups, trespassed onto Mr. Weaver's land on Aug. 21, 1992. One of the marshals threw rocks at the Weaver's cabin to see how much noise was required to agitate the Weaver's dogs. A few minutes later, Randy Weaver, Kevin Harris, and 13-year-old Sammy Weaver came out of the cabin and began following their dogs. Three U.S. marshals were soon running away through the woods.

At one point, U.S. Marshal Larry Cooper "told the others that it was ['expletive deleted'] for them to continue running and that he did not want to 'run down the trail and get shot in the back.' Cooper told them to take up defensive positions. They took a position behind a stump and waited.  As Sammy Weaver and Kevin Harris came upon the marshals, gunfire erupted. It was Sammy who was shot in the back, killed while running away from the scene (probably by Marshal Cooper, according to the report).1

Does tyranny begin when an angry young man, remembering Ruby Ridge, blows up a federal building filled with babies in a daycare, along with men and women innocently going about their day?  Or would that be anarchy?

When does tyranny begin? A dad, a 13 year old boy, his mother and his baby brother were innocently going about their day, too.

My government wants legal permission to send drones, instead of federal marshalls, to kill Americans they think are a threat.  And I want to be protected!  I want my government to do a good job keeping my family safe.  But what happens when my government runs amok?  They want to control who gets to buy automatic weapons, to protect me they say.  Like they protected me from an unarmed woman holding her baby?

Slowly, like a child testing the weight of ice on a lake in winter, my government has tested the waters of tyranny, to see how far they can go.

The U.S. Supreme Court said "It is not the function of our Government to keep the citizen from falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep the Government from falling into error." - in American Communications Association v. Douds, 339 U.S. 382, at 442.

Please God, please help the American people ask what I'm asking now.  And dear God... please let the powers in Washington listen to the American people they serve.  Please let them ask, when does tyranny begin?  No, better still, let them ask what will the anarchy that follows look like?

1.  source:

Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas Dog

We have a new family member!  My husband was making a run to the grocery store on Christmas Day to buy the whip cream he forgot to get for the pumpkin pie, and on the way home this cute little girl walked in front of his headlights.  He stopped, picked her up and we put out the information about a lost dog to no avail.  So we're keeping her!  She's an adorable little thing, but she was a matted, flea ball when she arrived. I clipped her and after 2 flea baths here's the little darlin'...

My husband never found a store open but bringing home this little gal was his salvation.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

teaching children to quilt

I've been so busy learning my long arm machine I'm afraid I let the blog go by the wayside. My apologies! But in my time offline, I've learned that long arming isn't really all that hard. Pantograms and a laser light make it a breeze to create beautiful designs on the quilt.

The quilt in this photo was made by a 12 yo beginner. Her goal was to match her corners, and she did a pretty good job! There are tucks and puckers everywhere, making for thick seams at times. You can see the pattern I'm using has plenty of swirls, I chose this one because the swirls will help disquise the puffiness caused by the tucks.  It's a pantograph by Lisa Calle.

Monday, December 19, 2011

The.... NEEDLE (theme to Jaws playing in the background)

My 10 yo son experienced his first rusty nail yesterday. In the doctor's office he ran circles, paced, jumped up and down, squeezed the goop out of the hand sanitizer, danced, ran the water in the water fountain, flipped the light switches all the while asking "Mom, why does the air in my lungs come out like this".... displays the air coming out of his lungs...."Mom, why do the cords on my neck look like this when I do this".. displays the cords on his get the picture... for nearly an hour while we waited for.... THE NEEDLE.

And when it went in, he looked at me and said "MOM, THAT DIDN'T EVEN HURT!"

His mother went home and had a very strong Bahama Mama.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

We did it

Liebster Blog Award

Mallorie Anderson over at Everyday Quilter Http:// awarded me with the Liebster Blog Award!  It's for bloggers with under 100 followers to help them get some from what I understand.  After you have it given to you, you are supposed to send it to 5 others with the same qualifications.  I'm really excited!  Not only is it cool to get an award, it's neat that there are actually some people that read my blog!

Thank you Mallorie!

Here are a few people I"m sending this award to:
Valorie at Eat Clean
Sarah at Long Time Coming

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

One day I'll miss this age, right?

I grew up on a farm...bailed hay, drove a tractor from the time I was 8, walked beans... the whole nine yards, right? So I have a 9 yo son who is afraid of spider webs and all bugs in any form. Ok, so I can live with that... (the webs???) My dd caught a skink for him and he keeps it in his room.

In one week, we went from.... Ear-piercing scream followed by stampeding feet running towards me "MOOOOOO-M!!!" ...heavy breathing... "MOM, I actually almost got a spider web on me!" Very dramatic moment that took 2 days before he would go outside again... to... Stampeding feet running towards me "MOOOOM! Look what I caught!!!! ...shoves a hairy spider in my face, beaming smile....

So which is better??? A son afraid of bugs... or one who brings spiders in the house as a food source?

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Make your own bug spray

Fill the bottle with  Jojoba and fractionated coconut oil, add the essential oils and shake lightly.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Caterpillar season

I was taking care of my roses today, while my son, 9, was keeping me company. I told him, " I love roses, aren't roses nice?" He looked at me and said, " but you're supposed to love me!"

He brought his caterpillars so I could see them.  He says they're unconscious right now.  They've been in a jar for 2 days (all mothers will be smiling now, I'm sure). I didn't want to burst his bubble, he's so proud of them. He's named them Mr. Snits, Mr. Oats and Trecko.  I went outside and found 3 new caterpillars, slipped them into the jar... viola! No more coma!