Civil War

As you know, I'm making 6 Civil War themed quilts, 5 are for family members.   The updates on this project are scattered throughout my blog.  To make things easier for those following the progress I thought I'd put it all in one place on this page!  

I'm cutting out fabric for the first few blocks of the Civil War Journals quilt I'm starting.  This is the largest project I've ever done.  I'm making 1 bed-size quilt, and 5 smaller quilts which will be given to family members.  The smaller quilts will be large wallhangings.  All 6 quilts will have photo transfers, another first as well.

I'm honoring my great, great grandfather James Monroe.  James fought in the Civil War from start to finish.  He enlisted on 6 Jul. 1861 in the 4th Iowa Infantry Volunteers. He fought in the battles of Chickasaw Bayou; Arkansas Post; First and Second battles of Jackson, Mississippi; Champion Hill; Siege of Vicksburg; Brandon, Mississippi; Chattanooga; Mission Ridge; In the Atlanta Campaign, which was called The March to the Sea, and in the battles of Jonesboro & Savannah. He was wounded in the head by a piece of shell at Chickasaw Bayou and was shot through the clothing at Vicksburg. Honorably Discharged at Davenport, Iowa 6 Aug. 1865.

He went into the war weighing 180 lbs, and left 4 years later weighing 85lbs.  It took 2 years to regain his strength and he was disabled the rest of his life from disease.  Sherman's March to the Sea was brutal, with inhuman conditions.  Every soldier who served under Sherman in the march suffered terribly.  They did it for the love of the man, General Sherman.  They would follow him anywhere.

The Civl War Journals quilt is a BOM from Marcus fabrics.  I finished 5 of the blocks for January, and have 5 more to go.

These are 2 of the blocks that will go in my Uncle Leonard's quilt.

This is the full size quilt.  The white blocks you see will be photo transfers on fabric.  The center will be the photo of my grandparents you see at the top of this page.  The other 6 will be photo transfers of the battles he fought in.

2 wallhanging quilts

3 wallhanging quilts


Goodwill bargain hunting paid off yesterday!  I was thrilled to find 4 (four!!!) $35.00  12"x12" scrapbooks for $6 each.

I'm making scrapbooks for each family member to go along with their quilt.  These are perfect!   My great great grandfather fought with Sherman in the Civil War.  He named my great grandfather William Tecumseh after the General he fought under.  I'll include stories of the battles, photos of the battles in which he was wounded.  But the main reason for creating the scrapbooks is to document the meaning behind each block in the quilt.  The Civil War Journals quilt uses blocks that were created during the war, with names such as the "Uncertain Times" block. 

Sewing has commenced once again (although the drywall finishing has not!)

I've been searching and searching (online) for a photo of the flag my grandfather's regiment carried in the Civil War.  I FINALLY found one...  The flag is being restored. This is the flag for the 4th Iowa Regiment, Infantry Vol. (Vol. = volunteers) The lower corner of the flag is lost forever, the only part left in the corner is the "I" for Infantry.

4th Iowa Regiment, Infantry Vol.

 During Civil War, silk fabric was used to make flags for the military. They were painted with various symbols, names and stars on both sides of the flag. As a result, the areas that are painted are very stiff. This flag is 150 years old now, I'd say she looks pretty good for her age! Iowa has over 300 flags currently being restored from the Civil War, WWI, WWII and other wars. 


  1. I'm a Company H Iowa 4 Infantry descendent. Your Civil War project, by now surely completed, captivated my creative imagination. My great grandfather died before I was born so my acquaintance with him and his war record required research, delightful research. Thanks for the wonderful look at your gggrandfather's memories through your talented hands. Sincerely, Julie Pennock

    1. I'm a descendent as well, Company G of 4th Iowa and was so glad to see a picture of the flag! Thanks so much for posting the great memorial scrapbook pages.