Wednesday, October 8, 2014

UFOs: UnFinished Objects

I don't make a good retired person.  You know the feeling you have after handing out the chocolate cake, only to realize that was the last piece and you didn't get one?  Or the dream where you're walking down the aisle at church, with no clothes on?  There's something seriously wrong at my house and I finally found out what is causing this unsettled feeling....

All my UFOs are done.

I'm seriously in need of therapy.

I finished my last UFO 5 days ago:

The photo above shows the detail in the outer border.  It's a large throw size quilt I made for my Aunt Louise. I chose this fabric because of the childrens book illustrations from the 1950s.  She is a wonderful mom, and does so much for her family.



  1. Congratulations!!! Skip the therapy and start a new project. LOL

  2. WOW! Congrats on finishing UFO's, but I can't seem to get beyond "walking down the isle at church naked". I hope I never have that dream. lol

  3. Do you accept mail orders? LOL Congrats!!!

  4. I believe that condition is serious. Please call quilting friends to do an immediate intervention. A shop hop would do to help cure your ills. (I am envious and wish I could catch your disease! )

  5. Now that we all know that you are a classic overachiever, go pour your self a cup of warm milk and try to relax...This too shall!

  6. You just settle down right now! It is so time to get into all those patterns you have saved and/or earmarked, and all those techniques you have wanted to try but were too intimidated by.

    How lucky you are to be able to jump on one of those with a clear conscience! Woohooo youuuuuuu!!!
    Hugs and smiles... be sure to let us know what you decide to start next!

  7. Oh man what an accomplishment! I have enough UFO's to last through the thousand years of peace! not that I would survive the cleansing but if I did, I wouldn't be bored!

  8. your last quilt is lovely. BTW, if you need UFOs to finish, my address is................... hehe. I am behind.

  9. Whew!! I am sure glad you found something and also have started something.
    I was about to PM you to warn you as you may have wound up spending time in mental health treatment.
    It can really screw up your mind and soul when you no longer have UFOs. You were showing signs of a rare illness. Thankfully, your cure has started.....full recovery occurs within the hour.
    Don't let this happen again!

    Ha, Ha, Ha!!