Sunday, October 26, 2014

Prophecy just slapped on a pair of skates

1. Divorce was 4% when I was born, today it is 51%.
2. One generation ago, gum was the #1 problem in America's schools.  Today, it's a gun.
3. Cohabitation: 65% of alter bound singles live together before marriage.
4. 57 million babies aborted, most with tax payer funding and abortion is now part of socialized medicine.
5. Marijuana is being legalized, now called recreational.
6. Euthanasia and infanticide is now legalized using more politically correct names.
7. Pornography is a click away on hand held devices.
8. Homosexual and transgender lifestyles are promoted, even by our president. Christians are 
     persecuted for refusing to marry or support this lifestyle.
9.  Movies and TV have removed standards that were in place one generation ago.  PG movies now 
     contain sexual references and foul language.
10. The first time in US history, more than 50% of all births are to unwed mothers.
11.  Sexually transmitted diseases now claim 1/3 of all Americans as their hosts.
12. 18 Trillion dollars in debt.
13. Over 11 million illegal aliens, with politicians pushing open borders and amnesty.
14. Corruption, fraud, nepotism entrenched within all levels of politicians.
15. Islam exploding worldwide, with an increasingly vulnerable America, dismantling their military,
     placing incompetents in high level positions.
16. 25% of the world's ocean is now dead or dying due to radioactive water pouring out of
     Fukushima, Japan. Our oceans reach 100% within 10 years.
17. An ignorant and low information populace now make up the majority of voting age Americans. 
    (I.e.: There is nothing you can do to fix all of the above.)

What's the good news?
Because He lives, I can face tomorrow!  God so loved the world that he gave his only son, that whoever believes in him will have eternal life.  Salvation is but a prayer away.  All you have to do is #1: ask him to forgive you #2: ask him to live in your heart.  The rapture IS coming.  God said to his people "For I am the Lord, I do not change; therefore you are not consumed...”  Malachi 3:6.  He promises to take His people out of danger, by way of the rapture.  After the rapture, life gets much, much worse on earth.

J.D. Farag is a pastor from Hawaii.  I started listening to his sermons a couple years ago.  J.D. posts 2 youtube videos each week. The first one is his regular Sunday sermon, and then he posts the second part of his Sunday sermon. In the second half he compares scripture with events that revolve around Israeli current events. This pastor reminds me of the pastor I listened to for 8 years, Pastor Charles Alber.


  1. I've never heard of Pastor Farag but now that I've seen this video I'll be watching more of his sermons, thank you for sharing this. I'm 32. I was homeschooled and graduated from Texas A&M. I'm married with 2 boys and we home school. I was looking for a way to show them how life has changed in the United States when I remembered watching a movie called Back to the Future. There was a scene in the second movie of the series that showed Marty arriving at an altered 1985, with riots, machine guns and carnage.

    My parents and I were talking about the changes occurring around the world. If we could go back to 1985 and not wake up until 2014, it would look like it did in the scene from Back to the Future.

    I don't know how anyone can deny we are in the last days. Sort of like heating a frog to boil. The frog didn't notice how hot it was getting. I don't think people realize how late it really is.

    1. Yes, I agree with you. I'm sorry I didn't see your message until now. Life is going to be difficult, very soon.