Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Your participles are danglin', honey

I had the pleasure of reading several resumes this week. [sarcasm]
Some were better than others on the entertainment spectrum.  R U gettin' me?

Each person wanted feedback on their resume.  I gave them a link to this fabulous video:

Now, if only I could write the word 'weird' without having to 
first visualise it as "i before e" every time!


  1. YES! This is a great video. I tell my students every year, learn grammar well, it will give them the edge when potential employers have to look through a pile of resumes.

  2. Weird Al has some great videos. Thanks for posting this one, I haven't seen this.

  3. Good one for home school today! Thanks!

  4. Ha ha ha ha, I'll have my grandkids watch this tonight.

  5. I've watched this one about 20 times, it never gets old. Love your blog!