Sunday, February 9, 2014

Ode to the Sewing Machine #15

Many of you follow my "Ode to the Sewing Machine" posts.  We've all seen the ads on craigslist, ebay and elsewhere.  The clueless sellers give those of us who sew a belly laugh, or two!

No one in their right minds would continue reading, but who says quilters are in their right minds, so here's installment #15...

0 bids on this one?  Can't imagine why?  I know I always take a picture of the back of something when I'm trying to sell something. (If you notice, not one of his photos shows the front of the machine, duh!)

Free shipping on this one is a deal maker for me!!! 
Gonna bid on it right now before someone else does!

Is that what boat anchors go for nowadays?  Posted 26 days ago and it still hasn't sold yet?

Finally!  A sowing machine!

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