Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Do you have 5 minutes?

85 lb. Civil War soldier
150 years ago, my great, great grandfather nearly gave his life for my country. He left for the war weighing 180 lbs.  4 years later, after the March to the Sea, this is what he looked like... 

That's him, up there at the top of the page.  Take a moment and think about those you know...who gave everything they had. (pause)
I'll share one, Army Sgt. Kevin A. Gilbertson was 24, Killed in combat on Aug. 29, 2007 in Ramadi, Iraq. Left an infant son and wife behind.

With the one you loved in mind, consider the following, take 5 minutes?

It was all about our government supplying guns to the Muslim Brotherhood and the Syrian rebels. Our US ambassador knew this was taking place and our government knew he knew. 

In order to keep Americans from finding out the truth, when it hit the fan, someone needed to make sure there were no leaks.

The only way to not let those leaks out, were not to help out that Ambassador in his time of need when he needed us the most. Oh, the warnings were sent out. There was a base 20 minutes by air to assist with any attack, if warranted. He warned of a coming attack about 48 hours prior to the attack! 

After he was tortured, why was the place torched? To destroy any evidence left behind?

Hillary 'bumped her head' ... then she didn't testify to what she knew about... all an act.

Remember Obama, during talks in Seoul, urged Moscow to give him "space" until after the November ballot, and Medvedev said he would relay the message to incoming Russian president Vladimir Putin.

The unusually frank exchange came as Obama and Medvedev huddled together on the eve of a global nuclear security summit in the South Korean capital, unaware their words were being picked up by microphones as reporters were led into the room.

"This is my last election ... After my election I have more flexibility," Obama said, expressing confidence that he would win a second term.

"I will transmit this information to Vladimir," said Medvedev, Putin's protégé and long considered number two in Moscow's power structure.

I have to ask myself..... do I care?  Do I go back to my sewing machine and live life as if it doesn't matter? What will you do?  Maybe I should ask, what would those who died for you do?

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