Friday, September 27, 2013

Ode to the sewing machine #9

Many of you follow my "Ode to the Sewing Machine" posts.  We've all see the ads on craigslist, ebay and elsewhere.  The clueless sellers give those of us who sew a belly laugh, or two!  Where do they come up with these dollar amounts???

No one in their right minds would continue reading, but who says quilters are in their right minds, so here's installment #9...

                                                                      .... ya think?

I nearly choked on my coffee when the next one came across my screen:

Where do I start with this one???
First off, it's appraised at $180,000 and you can't get a picture of the dang thing?  And you don't know the brand???  Is the table black and gold, or do you mean the machine is black and gold?  Next, what is a "packard table top"?

 Plowing on...  You can't spend $35 to get the tension adjusted on a $180,000.00 machine?  And then you say it "still works great" with bad tension...

I think she spent too much time playing behind the mosquito trucks as a child.

Friday, September 20, 2013

More blocks finished!

On to finishing the embroidered blocks!  What are you working on this weekend?

My husband is taking our 12 yr old on a boy scout camping trip this weekend, which means I get to sew, sew, sew for 2 days straight.  For those who've come to my blog for the first time, I home school our son, and have a daughter in college.  Life is hectic, both our children have disabilities and sewing takes a back seat sometimes.  The quilt I've been working on lately is for my mom.

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Today is a day to be thankful.  Yesterday was a day to remember.  Today, God is still on the throne. Jesus is still King of kings and His tomb is still empty. And there's still room at the cross.

All the pieced blocks are finished, just need to start the embroidered blocks and I can begin piecing the top of my mom's quilt.  This has been an easy quilt, so far, and very relaxing, too!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Remembering today

12 years... a terrible, terrible day.
Home school was somber today.  My son and I watched the emotional video on Fox News, coverage of events I watched 12 years ago, as I rocked my 6 month old son.  He had many questions, "Mom, what was the Pentagon?  A pentagon is a shape in my math class."  "Mom, what was the World Trade Center?"  "Mom, If a building were falling on me I would crawl under a car to protect myself", and I responded, "there were firetrucks, ambulances, cars and trucks people did get under, and they were crushed flat."   But when the people jumping from windows came on the screen, he was too stunned to speak.