Friday, February 22, 2013

Trooper home from the hospital

It was not a surprise when residents rushed to the aid of this trooper in the hours and days after he was shot last week.  I’m grateful he’s at home healing and anxious to get back behind the wheel.  The men and women who work to protect us on the road are under-appreciated and under-paid.  It was more than heartwarming to watch one of our finest troopers experience firsthand the spirit of North Carolina surround one of our own and help get him back on his feet.

I hope this speaks to all law enforcement officers.  Imagine the long hours our police officers spend in a car, helping to change a tire in the rain, bringing hope to someone who ran out of gas, besides the thankless job of handing out tickets, reminding the rushed to slow down and be safe.

 Along with keeping them in our prayers, we can lighten their load by helping ourselves.  Drive the speed limit.  At home, keep your doors locked and the bushes trimmed away from your windows.  Our family added a watch dog to the list of things we do to stay safe.  On Christmas Day we found a stray dog, and after searching for an owner, and finding none, we decided to keep her.  Macy is a great watch dog.  She's a wonderful addition to our family in more ways than one!  My daughter took her for a walk on Sunday morning, and forgot to lock the door when she came back inside.  A few hours later, I noticed it, locked it and went on making lunch.  Not 5 minutes later I heard the door handle rattle, Macy heard it too and ran barking and growling to the front door.  I thought I had locked someone out of the house, but by the time I reached the door they were gone.  When I noticed both kids were in their rooms, and it wasn't dad, I called 911.  I made a police report.  I'm convinced Macy's barking and growling sent whoever it was on to someone else's house.

The Lord takes care of us in ways we don't realize!  I have a sister one year younger, who bought a house in the country, and lives alone.  She went out to the mailbox the other night and a 'voice' told her to look over at the side of the house.  She looked and saw someone crouched at the corner of the house.   He was fairly easy to see because there was a full moon and snow blanketed the ground.  She assumed he saw her come outside the house, and indeed, the man was looking in her direction, but she could tell he couldn't see her.  So she walked down the road in front of the house until she was right across from him.  She stood there staring at him.  She watched as he was doing something on the side of the house, when he finally saw her and froze in his tracks.

Now I need to explain, when we were growing up, my sister created a sound with her voice when she was 13 and our younger brother was 9 years old.  She can drop her voice to a deep base that is almost like it's electrified with vibrato, and it's extremely loud.  When you hear it, the hair stands up on your neck.  When she used it on my poor brother he ran to get mom, screaming that demons were hiding in the bushes.

As she stood there staring back at this man crouched by the side of her house, she decided to use this voice as she told him "What are you doing there?  Get away from that house and don't come back".  The man couldn't get out of her yard fast enough!   The next morning she went outside to check the house and found footprints in the snow.  The man had been pulling the cables off the side of her house, probably for the copper.  She started reattaching the cables using a ladder, and as she went higher on the ladder she looked back at the footprints leading away from the house.

It’s reassuring, knowing our law enforcement officers are always there, ready and more than willing to provide back up when our own defense systems aren’t enough. Thank you to every officer who may be sitting in a car right now, anxious for the clock to move a little faster so you can get home.  We appreciate you!  And we’ve got your back if you ever need us.

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  1. I live in a town of 600 people, mostly good, upstanding people, but I always have my doors locked. I have a dachshund that barks if someone walks in front of our house. Priceless!! My husband works for the Railroad and is out of town riding trains all the time. I am scared at home alone, so I sleep on the couch when he is gone. I feel safe in the living room. Don't feel safe in the bedroom. Weird? No. My dachshund sleeps on the couch with me and will wake me in the middle of the night barking. My heart races!! It must be teenagers walking around but it scares me to death. Your sister was so brave!! I'm glad you keep your doors locked all the time, also. I just found your blog through 'The Quilting Board' and am going to read it for a while. Very entertaining. Thank you for using correct English!!! That is hard to find nowadays! Jeanne