Monday, January 21, 2013


Over 20 years ago Hurricane Andrew devastated Florida.  A friend of mine was living in a suburb south of Miami at that time and she lost everything they owned.  Her parrot actually saved their lives.  The parrot, named Jaco, could sense the vibrations in the building before the roof lifted off, and was agitated in such a way that she knew they needed to go to a lower floor and get away from the roof.

She lives in North Carolina now, along with Jaco.   We spent all day last Saturday sewing quilts for Hurricane Sandy victims.  A Hurricane Andrew victim now doing something to help lift the spirits of Hurricane Sandy victims.  Isn't it great how life comes around?

This is Jaco sitting on the quilt we made together.

By the way, the newspaper printed a story about the quilting for Hurricane Sandy victims.  There were 53 of us sewing that Saturday.

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