Saturday, December 29, 2012

Asking a quilter to mend something? like asking Michaelangelo to paint a garage.

It's rainy and cold in North Carolina today.  A perfect day for quilting!  The ruler foot for my Tin Lizzie needs replaced, I'm in withdrawal.  I can't quilt.  What to do, what to do.... Go fabric shopping! 

I bought the entire line of Moda's fabric collection called Audra's Iris Garden.  So lovely!  I found a lovely pattern on the website Quilters Club of America and I'll use this line of fabric to make a quilt... for me!  Imagine that?   Audra's Iris Garden has an elegant deep purple and I love this color!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

American Hero Quilts

I've finished the Hero quilts, and they'll be shipped back to American Hero Quilts on Tuesday.  Check out the website for American Hero Quilts, they are doing an awesome job supporting our wounded soldiers.

This is the quilt I finished longarming this weekend:

Monday, December 17, 2012

Ode to the sewing machine #3

Some of you are following my "Ode to the Sewing Machine" posts.  We've all seen the ads on craigslist, ebay and elsewhere.  The clueless sellers give those of us who sew a belly laugh, or two!  Where do they come up with these dollar amounts???

No one in their right minds would continue reading, but who says quilters are in their right minds, so here's your next installment...

So I have a car I want to sell. I put the car in the garage, close the garage door, take my camera outside in the yard and take a picture....

Makes ya wanna throttle someone, doesn't it?
Oh, and he hit zero too many times.

There's that zero again...

Friday, December 7, 2012

Hero quilts

I was thrilled to find photos of a Civil War era flag!  As you know, I'm working on 6 quilts to honor my great, great grandfather's service in the Civil War.  I found the flag his unit carried in the early part of the war.  The flag is being restored.    This is the flag for the 4th Iowa Regiment, Infantry Vol.  The lower corner of the flag is lost forever, the only part left is the "I" for Infantry.

 During the Civil War, silk fabric was used to make flags for the military.  They were painted with various symbols, names and stars on both sides of the flag.  As a result, the areas that are painted are very stiff.  This flag is 150 years old now, I'd say she looks pretty good for her age!  Iowa has over 300 flags currently being restored from the Civil War, WWI, WWII and other wars.

I've got a quilt loaded for a friend today, and the second Hero quilt will be loaded next week.  This is Thea's quilt!