Thursday, August 9, 2012

teaching children to quilt

I've been so busy learning my long arm machine I'm afraid I let the blog go by the wayside. My apologies! But in my time offline, I've learned that long arming isn't really all that hard. Pantograms and a laser light make it a breeze to create beautiful designs on the quilt.

The quilt in this photo was made by a 12 yo beginner. Her goal was to match her corners, and she did a pretty good job! There are tucks and puckers everywhere, making for thick seams at times. You can see the pattern I'm using has plenty of swirls, I chose this one because the swirls will help disquise the puffiness caused by the tucks.  It's a pantograph by Lisa Calle.

Friday, August 3, 2012

house all to myself!

I have the house all to myself tomorrow and can't wait!  It will be a day of practice on my long arm.  2 quilt tops came in the mail today.  I'll have music on, sweet tea and chocolate on hand, who could ask for anything more?  I'll start with this one first.

I started piecing a new quilt today.  It's a Patchwork Party quilt.  Hope to get it done before Christmas!  I only have these 4 blocks finished.