Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My quilting room is comin' along!

I'm remodeling a room next to my sewing room so I can set up a long arm quilting machine.  Insulation is going in the walls for sound proofing.  I've been told it'll only take a week for the last month so hopefully it will be finished before the year's out?  rotflol

The view on March 20th

The view on April 20th

This is the view if you're standing in front of the door seen in the photo above.  My sewing room is through the open door.  I'm using the 'formal living room' as my sewing room.

What this means is, everyone who comes over sees a MESS upon entering my home.  Compared to that, the rest of the house looks fabulous!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Long arm quilting machine and frame

I bought a long arm quilting machine and frame from someone in Portsmouth, VA yesterday, and I did some pretty significant drooling over the many vintage machines she had. Wow, she had a beautiful New Home treadle with a coffin top on a fabulous table. It wasn't for sale, but it was wonderful seeing one is such fine condition.

I spotted a beautiful 201 for sale! The Singer 201 is in wonderful condition. It's not in a table but the wiring was sound, and the paint looked great.  Look at the throat space!  The 201 is supposed to be the quietest machine available.  The Singer 201 is considered by most collectors to be the best machine Singer ever made. It is gear driven and has an internal motor, which makes it very strong. It is also extremely quiet when sewing.

Once I get my long arm set up I'll be posting about that. We have to finish the ceiling and walls with drywall before I can set it up. Hopefully that will be finished this week.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Ode to the sewing machine # 1

I'm starting a new series called "Ode to the Sewing Machine".  We've all seen the ads on craigslist, ebay and elsewhere.  The clueless sellers give those of us who sew a belly laugh, or two!  Where do they come up with these dollar amounts???

No one in their right minds would continue reading, but who says quilters are in their right minds, so here's installment #1...