Monday, December 19, 2011

The.... NEEDLE (theme to Jaws playing in the background)

My 10 yo son experienced his first rusty nail yesterday. In the doctor's office he ran circles, paced, jumped up and down, squeezed the goop out of the hand sanitizer, danced, ran the water in the water fountain, flipped the light switches all the while asking "Mom, why does the air in my lungs come out like this".... displays the air coming out of his lungs...."Mom, why do the cords on my neck look like this when I do this".. displays the cords on his get the picture... for nearly an hour while we waited for.... THE NEEDLE.

And when it went in, he looked at me and said "MOM, THAT DIDN'T EVEN HURT!"

His mother went home and had a very strong Bahama Mama.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Civil War

The kids are in bed, dh is working and the house is quiet.  I love quilting during this time.  A friend and I are visiting a new fabric store in the morning so I should get to bed but it's sooo nice and quiet right now.

I'm cutting out fabric for the first few blocks of the Civil War Journals quilt I'm starting.  This is the largest project I've  ever done.  I'm making 1 bed-size quilt, and 5 smaller quilts which will be given to family members.  The smaller quilts will be large wallhangings.  All 6 quilts will have photo transfers, another first as well.

I'm honoring my great, great grandfather James Monroe.  James fought in the Civil War from start to finish.  He enlisted on 6 Jul. 1861 in Company D, 4th Iowa Infantry. He fought in the battles of Chickasaw Bayou; Arkansas Post; First and Second battles of Jackson, Mississippi; Champion Hill; Siege of Vicksburg; Brandon, Mississippi; Chattanooga; Mission Ridge; In the Atlanta Campaign and in the battles of Jonesboro & Savannah. He was wounded in the head by a piece of shell at Chickasaw Bayou and was shot through the clothing at Vicksburg. Honorably Discharged at Davenport, Iowa 6 Aug. 1865.

I'm off to bed now... thanks for visiting!