Tuesday, August 17, 2010

One day I'll miss this age, right?

I grew up on a farm...bailed hay, drove a tractor from the time I was 8, walked beans... the whole nine yards, right? So I have a 9 yo son who is afraid of spider webs and all bugs in any form. Ok, so I can live with that... (the webs???) My dd caught a skink for him and he keeps it in his room.

In one week, we went from.... Ear-piercing scream followed by stampeding feet running towards me "MOOOOOO-M!!!" ...heavy breathing... "MOM, I actually almost got a spider web on me!" Very dramatic moment that took 2 days before he would go outside again... to... Stampeding feet running towards me "MOOOOM! Look what I caught!!!! ...shoves a hairy spider in my face, beaming smile....

So which is better??? A son afraid of bugs... or one who brings spiders in the house as a food source?

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