Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sewing machines magazine

Click to view Bernina's latest issue!
I thought I'd pass along a great magazine issue!  There is plenty to keep you stitching through the cold winter months in Bernina's new magazine, and it's free! Make a pretty heart art ornament, or heart-themed table runner for Valentine’s Day. Create an easy slouch-style bag. Play with Zentangle techniques, stitch up easy ribbon tag blankets, or brighten your d├ęcor with embroidered pillows. Look for links to online videos and additional web projects!

I have a Bernina 640 and it's a wonderful machine!  I took it with me to participate in classes at the Mid-Atlantic quilt festival last year.  Then it dawned on me to get a cheaper machine to roll over sidewalks, curbs, up stairs, etc.  So I bought a Brother machine at Costco to use when I go to sew-ins, classes and such.  It was cheap enough that if it gets damaged it won't matter.  I found everything I wanted in a travel sewing machine for a mere $140.  The Brother machine has a top loading bobbin that includes a feature where you don't need to bring the bobbin thread up before you stop sewing, a real time saver.  It has needle up/down, needle left-center-right and the quilting feet I need.

What kind of machines do you use?


  1. That brother from Costco is great to take when on the go. Very light and quite the work horse. I've had mine at least 3 years. At home I use a Janome and I like that the feet are interchangeable.

    Love your Christmas puppy. What you going to call her?

  2. Hi Jul! We're calling her Macy. She's a wonderful little dog, we're house training her now.

  3. And thanks for the tip about Janome feet and Brother feet being interchangeable. Although my friend with the Janome probably won't be too happy. LOL

  4. Is is possible to get this magazine through the mail rather than online? I am old-fashioned and I like "real pages" to refer to.

  5. I know how you feel! I don't know if you can get it mailed, but you can print it using the button found at the bottom of the page. Go back to the Bernina website and look at the bottom menu bar. There is a arrow pointing down, which lets you download the magazine to your computer. And next to it is the 'print' button. I hope this helps!

  6. I have a Bernina 830 and love her. Her name is Carol Ann, after my deceased sister who taught me to quilt.